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We Need To Talk

This isn’t my usual content and I was hoping I wouldn’t ever have to make a video like this to be honest. I feel very vulnerable and that’s scary for me these days but I’m at a point where I need to share what’s been going on. Thank you! 💕

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I just want to send you so much love and support. You're amazing and so is Babs. I just know that you're doing what is best for her. I want to echo the similar diagnosis with two of my pups. They really can live a healthy, happy life. Take care of you. We are here. I'm excited for you and the good that's happening for you. Covering you in love (and if okay prayers). Oh, and BTW that sweet baby Babs knows she is loved and cared for, and that makes a big difference.


I am in similar situation (the dog, not the stalkers). My dog is 13 years old and had severe disease, to the point that I was very close tu putting her to sleep. The opinions of the 5 vets that we saw we catastrophic. However, the "miracle" happened. (i'm into shamanism and a shaman gave me the "instruction" of taking away the anti-convulsion drugs, and to take her to exercise more than usual, which was absolutely against all logic, because my dog was having very frequent convulsions. Short story, it worked because it seems that the convulsions were stress related and the medicines altered her conciousness and made her anxiety. And the exercise was absolutely necessary because she needs it…

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