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emergency update (CW: potentially terminal illness in dog)

I’m so sad to share that after exhibiting some concerning symptoms, I took my little ten year old baby who I adopted when she was four months old to the ER vet this morning where it was discovered that she has an enlarged heart (in addition to stomach inflammation and a UTI). As many of you know, my dog Babbs is my whole world. All of my life and career choices have always centered around her care and being able to be with her everyday all day. 

As things are a bit touch and go right now, I’m going to be spending time with her this next week throughout her cardiologist and specialty appointments as we adjust to whatever comes next/however much time Babbs has left. 

While my assistant and manager will continue to post videos that have already been filmed and respond to emails, I will be mostly unavailable. 

Student sessions will be rescheduled or refunded depending on the student’s preference. If you need any assistance at all, please don't hesitate to reach out by emailing

Thank you so much for your kind understanding during this difficult time,

Tawny Platis

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