Alan Landers

Marks & Landers


"I was and I am now one of Tawny's clients. In addition to thinking she has a great voice for the eLearning program we are creating. Tawny is a dedicated professional who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that her work meets my specifications. She's quick, precise, and is able to identify those words and phrases that need special emphasis.

My partner and I are extremely pleased with the work Tawny has done for us. We will continue to use her going forward. I've produced commercial videos and worked with SAG/AFTRA talent.

Tawny is on a par with most and far better that many I've hired in the past.

I recommend her, without reservation, to anyone doing eLearning programs or other types of VO work."

Dan Lenard

Home Studio Master

"Tawny Platis is a talented voice actor with a unique voice and style that sets her apart from other women in the field. She can perform many age groups and styles. I highly recommend her for any voice job in any genre,' Podcasting, corporate reads, E-Learning, and commercials!"

Kevin Rineer

 Voice Actor

"Tawny Platis is a wonderful talent who wears many hats! She is incredibly detailed, professional and a real joy to work with. If you hire her for a voiceover or anything else, you will be doing your business a huge favor!"

Andrew Reyes

Voice Over Actor

"Tawny was a pleasure to work with. Her copywriting and directing skills made the entire process easy, fun and still a great learning experience. Looking forward to working together again in the future."

Mike Brown

Pleasing Terrors Poodcast

"Tawny Platis is the epitome of professionalism in the worlds of podcasting and voice acting. In the time that I have known her, I have come to greatly admire her willingness to assume the mantle of leadership and set an inspiring example for her peers. In the world of podcasting and professional voice acting, she is among those that I admire most."

Doug Cooke 

Graphic Artist, Video Editor, VO Actor

"Tawny is not only an extremely talented voice actor, but an amazing coach as well. She has taken the time on a number of occasions to teach me voice over technique and marketing my business because she takes an active interest in anybody or business she works with. She develops and sustains relationships, because she understands that that is the foundation for being a successful business owner. Tawny is an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her as the voice for your project or a mentor if you're an aspiring voice actor!"

Al Moulliet

Voice Actor

"Tawny is a true professional and teacher. She was patient and knowledgeable about her craft. Looking forward to "paying forward" the training I received from Tawny."

Brie Buyaky

Voice Actor

"Being a student of Tawny's was a truly unique and enlightening experience. Her hands-on approach and the true mentorship that she provided (and still continues to provide) led me down a path toward success in the voice over world. I have had amazing opportunities to work on some very exciting projects and every day seems to greet me with more good news. Her talent, personality, and drive are truly inspiring. If you have a chance to be a student of hers or need an amazing voice for your next project, do NOT pass it up!"

James Cummings

Voice Actor

"When it comes to getting coaching of any kind, finding one who is not only knowledgeable but is also straightforward and honest is key. My coaching experience with Tawny has been nothing short of eye-opening.

She has helped in guiding me in script preparation, performance, inflection, and marketing. I am set to record my commercial demo in the near future and wouldn't be nearly as ready without the guidance and support of Tawny. If you are looking for a voice over coach and mentor, I very highly recommend Tawny!!! Also, she is just an awesome person."

Jeff Bugonian

Voice Actor

"Tawny is an up and coming star in the Voice Over world. She seems to have endless energy to go with her amazing vocal and acting talent."