Your Voice-Over Diagnosis*: The 6 Most Common Reasons You Aren’t Booking Work

“It sounds like you’re recording in a shower, get your recording space treated.”

That’s what a client said to me in my six months of being a voice actor full-time.

And I can’t tell you how delighted I was that he told me that. because I knew why I wasn’t booking jobs! It was also a big indicator that my coach at the time didn’t know what he was doing after he had called my audio quality, “Great!” after I had sent a soundcheck.

What I needed was the correct diagnosis.

I was told my audio quality was great and I just “wasn’t working hard enough,” and I, “needed more acting classes, why don’t you buy my $500 training package.”

After I began working with a reliable engineer (for far less than $500 I might add), I started booking work consistently again.

It wasn’t that I was opposed to acting classes… but it wasn’t what I needed in that situation. My acting was fine, the issue was a technical one. Because my strengths don’t lie in the engineering department, it’s something I’m happy to hire others to help me with.

So what’s your possible diagnosis, my friend?

Here Are 6 Common Reasons You Aren’t Booking Work

1. Sound - As I said above, the issue could very well be a technical one. It’s important to get a review of your recording space and equipment regularly, especially when you’re first starting out. The sound engineering part of this industry takes years and years to get a handle on and I guarantee you that as a beginner, you want to work with a pro who’s experienced in sound treating recording spaces for voice actors. Find references for engineers.

2. Business - If you don’t treat your voice-over career like a business, you won’t get returns like a business. If you build it, they are for sure not going to come unless you advertise. Likewise, being your own boss does not translate into being a good boss. You need to manage yourself and that requires intense discipline and dedication. This is what I specialize in as a manager.

3. Investment - This isn’t an industry anyone can get into. There are few to no businesses that you can begin without investing capital and time. You need a professional recording space and equipment ($1,000+), the acting chops, the industry knowledge, a professional demo, and you need to spend a ton of time marketing yourself.

4. Sacrifice - When starting a small business, most people still work at their day jobs. That means nights and weekends are devoted to their voice-over careers. The talents who don’t progress are the ones I see out on the town every night and all weekend. You can’t devote 4 hours a week to voice-over and expect to progress in your career at a significant rate.

5. Acting/Demos - Nobody ever wants to hear this so it’s rare that any talents actually take the note and apply it so they can improve. There are a significant amount of voice actors trying to work today who just aren’t that great at acting and their demos reflect that. This is also something I specialize in helping new talents with.

6. Marketing - This is the answer 90% of the time as to why you aren’t booking jobs. I say it about a million times a day: if you aren’t reaching out to 25 new contacts each week with personalized emails/messages/phone calls, you will not make it in this business. Nobody puts their demo on a p2p site and just sits back as jobs flood their inbox. You can’t just make a website and wait for a big agency to fall in love with your demo. Everyone who is a successful voice actor works really hard at marketing and advertising their business every day.

So there you have it! The 6 most common reasons why you probably aren’t booking work. But why guess? Book a free ten-minute consultation with me and let’s get you on the right track! Email to schedule your consultation today.

*I live in California: I’m not a doctor offering medical/mental health advice, it’s a joke, please don’t sue me.


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