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Why and When You Need A Talent Manager

Before I get started, I have to explain what a (good) talent manager is because there are many misconceptions!

Remember, you are first and foremost running a business. Being a voice actor is no different than being the business owner of a brick and mortar store. Having that perspective is crucial to operating effectively. When I owned a retail store, I had a manager, assistant managers, bookkeepers, and various specialists relevant to my industry.

If your voice over business was a store, you’d be the owner. Your talent manager would be just like your store manager. This should be someone:

  • Who is knowledgeable about the industry.

  • Who you trust.

  • Who acts like your business partner.

  • Who is readily available.

  • Who is there to advise you, coach you, support you, and challenge you.

A talent manager is not a talent agent. A talent agent can get you auditions and negotiate on your behalf when it comes to booking gigs…. and they have the literal license to do that. That being said, a talent agent can also be a talent manager.

To Sum Up:

Talent Managers - Help you run your business so you can make more money. They do not need a license to do this.

Talent Agents - Get you auditions and negotiate as well take care of making sure you get paid. They need a license to do this.

Talent Agents Who Are Also Talent Managers - This is legit.

Talent Managers Who Are Getting You Auditions And Negotiating On Your Behalf - This is not legit.

The role and definition of talent manager has evolved in recent years. It used to be that a voice talent needed a manager to keep all of their engagements in order because they were that busy. Now, newer talents and even more experienced ones utilize a manager. I have a manager and I wouldn’t be nearly as successful without her. She keeps me accountable and she challenges me, which is invaluable.

As far as when you should get a manager, I suggest it’s when you’re ready to launch or have just launched your business. You should be putting at least 40 hours a week into your voice over business. If you aren’t prioritizing your business, your manager will not prioritize you.

Have you ever considered getting a manager? Why or why not? What’s your experience been? Log in as a member to leave a comment and connect with other students and talents!


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