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What's Happening This Week

- Happy Hour this week for Comedy Club members/Instagram Subscribers will be Tuesday at 3:00 pm pst (the link is posted on the private members page)

- My first video essay is in production! It's going to be on villains and I can't way to share it with everyone. Make sure you're subscribed on YouTube so you're notified when the video premieres.

- Comedy Club members/Instagram Subscribers voted and the first game I'll be streaming on YouTube will be Cult of the Lamb!

- Cameo is having a sale! Enjoy 20%-50% off all Cameos from yours truly, starting this week. Visit for more details and to get started.

- Voice over classes are filling up fast and I'm just about booked for December. So if you're thinking about scheduling a private session with me before the end of the year, don't wait!

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