What Does Training With Tawny Voice Look Like?


Before I decide to take on a new student, we have a complimentary consultation. That looks a little something like this:

Excited New VO Talent: “Hi! Are you accepting new students?”

Me: “I am accepting new students, why don’t we schedule a complimentary consultation? During the consultation, I’ll evaluate your current skill level and we’ll chat about your needs, so I can see if I can help! In the event that I’m not the coach for the job, I can give you references for those who specialize in your specific needs (if I don’t know how to do it, I usually know someone who does)! How does that sound?”

Constructing The Curriculum

If we’ve found that I can help you accomplish your goals, I’ll compose the first draft of a proposed curriculum. We’ll then create the final draft together with the price breakdown for each service and session as well as schedule your first session. Payment is due 48 hours before your first session. All payments are 100% refundable before services are rendered.

One-On-One Sessions

Most of my students meet with me on Skype but I can accommodate a variety of mediums (Facetime, Discord, etc.). This is where we’ll train and work together. Every session is different and personalized depending on the student’s needs. If you’re an acting student, we’ll be doing script work, character development, etc. If I’m helping you with business and marketing, I’ll give you a concrete plan that addresses your business specifically - this could include how to compose emails to clients, how to find clients, how to develop your brand, building relationships, networking, social media strategies, building a business plan, etc. Each session comes with a Q&A at the end to ensure all of your questions are answered and homework. I also encourage my students to record our sessions for their records and to listen back to take notes for future reference.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!


Tawny Platis

Get In Touch: Tawny@TawnyVoice.Com

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