Voice Over Resources: 30 Legit VO Pros You Should Be Following

Updated: Mar 4

When you're first starting your voice-over business, it can be overwhelming and intimidating navigating through all of the noise. I'm often asked how one can determine who's legit... and who's a slimy salesperson.

Fortunately, I've done quite a bit of navigating these past few years and am always happy to refer talents to some of my favorite industry professionals who I've seen consistently offer excellent training, advice, and other services. So without further ado...

30 Legit Coaches, Demo Producers, Engineers, and Other Voice-Over Pros You Should Be Following, Listening To, And Training With:

  1. GVAA/Christina Milizia

  2. Bob Bergen

  3. Chuck Duran

  4. Carrie Olsen

  5. Alyson Steel

  6. Lisa Biggs

  7. Anne Ganguzza

  8. Jodi Krangle

  9. Celia Siegel

  10. Randy Thomas

  11. Bev Standing

  12. Shelly Shenoy

  13. The Vo Network/Rachael Naylor

  14. Marc Graue

  15. Marc Cashman

  16. Dan Lenard

  17. George Whittam

  18. Emmett Andrews

  19. Robert Sciglimpaglia

  20. Paul Strikwerda (Nethervoice)

  21. Larry Hudson

  22. J. Michael Collins

  23. Marc Scott

  24. Eric Romanowski

  25. John Florian

  26. Tom Dheere

  27. Brent Allen Hagel

  28. Dave Courvoisier

  29. Sean Allen Pratt

  30. Roy B. Yokelson

I don't know guys... I think we need some more "Marcs" in the industry ;)

If you have any additional questions, email me at Tawny@tawnyvoice.com

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