VO For Beginners: Group Classes, Info Packets, and More!

Did you know that if you're a former or current student or support my show Death Is Hilarious, you have access to member benefits like group classes, info packets, continuing mentorship, and more?

Simply create your free account here to start enjoying benefits now! And if you have any trouble with accessibility, please don't be shy to email me at tawny@tawnyvoice.com

I'm also thrilled to introduce my subscription service, VO For Beginners. I specialize in giving new voice talents the strong foundation they need before launching their business. 

My course covers topics like:

Script interpretation and delivery

Finding your niche 

Business planning and management 

Branding and marketing 

Advancing your voice over career (with specialist recommendations) 

Basic website creation 

Your first demo 


  • One 30 minute private lesson and accountability session each week 

  • ​Homework:

  • One new script will be provided to you each week. You’ll record the script and I’ll provide you with feedback/training during your weekly lesson meeting. 

  • ​One weekly group class and Q&A session via Zoom 

  • VO For Beginners, a guide I created for new talent

  • Business Plans For Voice Actors (template)

  • Finding Your Brand (marketing worksheet)

  • ​20% off all other services (demos, private lessons, and website creation) 

If you're wondering if VO is right for you, send me an email to set up a free consultation and be sure to join my VO For Beginners group on Facebook!

- Tawny



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