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Valheim: First Stream

I played Valheim for the first time! In the game you're a viking who gets dropped into this world by a big giant bird where you have to prove that you're good enough to get into Valhalla by surviving different challenges. It's challenging to get the hang of if you're a baby deer just learning to play and the game is dark... in the sense that it's super tough to see.

Special thanks to BA Gaming Rigs for making this stream possible. I'm loving my computer and their customer service is excellent so be sure to check them out if you're looking for a gaming computer!

In case you missed it, you can read the recap below or watch the stream on YouTube.

Add me on Steam, send a tip, and find all things streaming here.

In this first stream we:

  • got to see a happy, playful Babbs make a cameo (2m)

  • create our first character - Glurp ManBabbs, citizen of Jordania (4)

  • encounter our first game crash, but the power of patience fixed it!(7m)

  • are dropped into the world by a giant crow, and several more crows explain why we're here (9m)

  • kick some trees... and a friendly crow (13m)

  • defeated our first Greyling enemy! (15m) but then fell to a wild boar, (RIP to the big man) (20m)

  • found a house to take shelter in and eat some foraged raspberries (27m) and learn to beat the sapp off of some saplings and harvest wood! (44m)

  • craft our FIRST WEAPON! A wooden club! and were quickly culled by our arch nemesis - the boar.... twice...RIP Glurps III and IV(50m)

  • AVENGE THE FALLEN 4 GENERATIONS by killing a Boar with a Spartan kick! We're later killed by another boar. RIP Glurp V(54m)

  • are shocked to find out that the game doesn't have a brightness slider... (1hr5m) and then recovered some of our headstones and marvel at how pretty the game is.. and screamed profanities whilst getting revenge on a boar.. (1hr23m)

  • made a hammer, stone axe, and MADE FIRE! (1hr41m) before bravely fighting a group of skeletons in a higher-level area. RIP Glurp VIII, and IX(1hr46m)

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