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New Episode of Death is Hilarious available now

In this episode, I chat with Nadine Menashe, the creator behind the Varsity Grief Squad, one of my favorite accounts on Instagram and also where Nadine makes memes and merch about her dead mom.

Upcoming Releases

This is the final week of recording sessions for Matt Larkin's The Gifts of Pandora before it heads off for round one of audio editing! The story is very Game of Thrones-y andI speak a lot of Greek. I can't wait to share it with you! Look for the trailer to arrive within the next couple weeks.

Then I'll be returning as Ainsley Lilstrum in the next installment of the Sky Pirate Trilogy alongside the always amazing Aaron Shedlock (with an expected release date set for late October)

Followed by a brand new series I'll be narrating with a surprise voice actor- stay tuned for very exciting details!

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