This Week At TawnyVoice: New Episodes, New Classes, New Gear, and More!

Updated: Jan 26

New Episodes

This past week, I had the absolute pleasure of getting to chat with Michael from Unpopular Culture Podcast all about dark humor and trauma...

...and I also got to speak with author Anna J. Walner on her show Indie Author Chat about what it takes to create an audiobook!

Events This Week

Coming Soon

I recently spoke with Lori and Lisa, creators of The Death Deck, about what inspired the lively party game (haha) and how they use humor to cope with something like when an old co-worker thinks your husband's celebration of life is actually a renuion.

Write For The Show, Make $50

And if you’ve ever wanted to share your own story on the show and also make $50, you can now write Sam and me your own funny letter and we’ll dramatize it on the show. Visit to get more info. That’s also where you can join us for movie nights, game nights, and connect with us and other listeners.

I recently upgraded my recording equiptment and will also be moving from my apartment into my very own house and recording studio! I'll soon be posting my Apollo Twin and macbook air accessories in the various VO exchange groups... but I wanted to give my students and other audio enthusiasts first dibs! Shoot me an email for additonal details

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