Tuesday Tip: Why Most Voice-Actors Quit

Why do most voice-actors quit?It's usually because they didn't realize they were opening a sales business.

This is not an industry where you can kick back and wait for clients to keep knocking down your door in anticipation at the thought of hiring your "unique voice."

This industry is more competitive than ever and you have to be proactive in order to stay in the game.

As of 11:14 PST this Tuesday, I’ve reached out to an average of 8 potential clients a day since Monday...and I still have quite a bit of daylight to go! I mention this for two reasons:

  1. I’m three years in and still spend a large chunk of my day prospecting/marketing/getting the work. You are a business owner, the marketing and sales part will never be done.

2. If you’re discouraged because you’re not where you want to be in your career, consider what the math tells us here:

If I prospect 5 days a week and follow the traditional sales rule of “reach out to 25 new prospects a week,” that puts me at 100 emails/calls a month.

That’s 1,200 potential clients each year.

That also doesn’t include my follow-ups, auditions, and other marketing campaigns.

Remember that you’re playing the long game. You’re establishing a client base. You’re building a business. It takes time AND consistency. You can’t reach out to 10 people a month and expect to make a living wage in this industry. Reach out to 25 people a week CONSISTENTLY for 3-6 months and then evaluate!

Are you being consistent? How many clients have you reached out to this month so far?

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