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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: First Stream

Yesterday was my first time streaming with my new pc from BA Gaming Rigs and my first time playing Tiny Tina! In case you missed it, here's a recap of what happened (you can also watch the stream below on my youtube channel)

  • I completed tutorial, which was a whole adventure in and of itself for this geriatric 32 year old

  • This game is meta and super funny. Tiny Tina is definitely from East County San Diego and I am identifying with her as intensely

  • Andy Samberg, Will Arnet, and Wanda Sykes are all voice actors in the game and my little millennial heart is singing

  • We learned that Ashly Burch and I are in the same vocal register

  • I found out that some games are actually played better with a keyboard and mouse as opposed to an xbox controller. WHO KNEW

  • My spatial awareness issues extend to the virtual world

  • Babbs was very upset when my roommate came home and was extremely distressed at hearing the cat (Binnie) start screaming for food. I then calmed her and received 20 xp points for that alone.

  • My friend Scottasaurus hopped into the game and helped me defeat the first boss, Ribula

  • We unlocked the overworld map baybay!

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