• Tawny Platis

TikTok Tip: Impressions & Voice Acting

One of the first things I hear from aspiring voice-over talent is the list of impressions they can do.

Impressions are fun! I even joined in recently on TikTok myself:

The thing is, your impressions usually won't get you very far in voice-over.

There are some exceptions (like voice matching) but those gigs are rare and competitive.

There is already an Alex Borstein and a Lois Griffin. It's my job to be uniquely Tawny Platis and create new characters.

But does that mean that your impressions are totally useless? Not at all! Use the characters you impersonate to form your own stock characters. For example, if you do a killer Tom Hiddleston, turn that into your "romantic lead" character.

What do you want to learn about next? Let me know in the comments below!

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