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The Witty Widow - The Lighter Side: With Tara From "Bloody Murder"

CW: Dating after being widowed, not having children, resenting a pet, sexism in comedy, Mad Max Thunderdome, Tawny’s love for Australia

In This Episode:

After releasing my first episode, I received various questions and comments via email, Instagram, and Twitter. In this follow up episode, I sat down with Tara from the true-crime comedy podcast Bloody Murder, and she helped me answer some of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received. We had an instant connection and I was overjoyed that we were able to collaborate on something together. Be sure to check out her podcast, Bloody Murder for more laughs. And stay tuned after the commercial break for new material from what I’m calling, “stand-up grieving.”


  • Was there any outrage about the first episode?

  • Who made up these rules for how to grieve?

  • Why is there only one way to do it?

  • Where did these expectations come from?

  • Rachel asked on Instagram, “I’m not a young widow. But I wondered, if I were one….this feels totally taboo to even ask. Here it goes. What about the sexual feelings or urges? Do they happen? Do they go out the door? How do you meet that physical need? Like I said, I’m not a young widow, but as a married woman… well how is that part of your life now? Is there a mourning period of that? Is there a protocol for that? It’s one of those things that no one talks about… so I’m bringing it up! Because I have no clue! Someone has to ask! 

  • Is there any question that I loved George? 

  • Susan asked, “I have a personal horror/fear of losing my husband, because, well, I love him so fucking much. Could you advise your coven, the people who feel they have found a true soulmate that is, on what you think we should do, with a soulmate, to avoid regrets? Like what are some things you really wish you’d have done with George? What should we do to live our best life with a soulmate?”

  • What’s the most repeated phrase you’ve heard about George’s death that makes your eyes roll so atomically, they stay there in the top of your head for the rest of your life?

  • Emily emailed and asked, “How’s Babbs (our chihuahua/terrier)? Is she emotionally supporting you? Does she miss him?”

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