Technical Glitch: Free Q&A For Voice Actors

There is a glitch with the events app that prevents guests from registering. This is a known issue and I apologize for the inconvenience! I'm currently addressing the problem with my webmaster. Until then, here's the link to Sunday's Q&A! Email me at or comment below to let me know if you can make it :)

"How do I get more clients? Where do I find voice-over jobs? Which coaches should I train with? How long does it take to go full-time? Who should help me set up my recording space?"

Sound familiar?

Join me for this free Q&A where I'll answer your questions about all things voice-over. And as always, if I don't know the answer, I usually know someone who does!

This Q&A will be held online via ZOOM meeting here

All attendees will be entered to win one complimentary 30-minute training session with me. One winner will be selected at the end of the Q&A.


Tawny Platis

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