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I'm delighted to welcome my newest talents and students to TawnyVoice!

Angela C.

Grainne N.

John N.

Mike B.

Paige W.

Kevin R.

and Kate M.!

I'm so excited to be working with all of you and am honored that you've entrusted me with your training, career management, and demo creation. If you haven't yet, connect with other members in my study and accountability group on Facebook.

Also, please be sure to check in with me during this busy time!

I'm working hard to ensure that I can help as many of you as possible during this transitionary period in our industry. I know this has caused some wait times that are longer than usually anticipated. I'm working to address that by bringing on additional team members in order to ensure your needs are met in a timely manner. In the meantime, please don't be shy to reach out for progress updates! I'm here for you :) 

The voice-over industry has changed but it certainly hasn't slowed down. Genres like medical narration, e-learning, audiobooks, and corporate narration are experiencing unprecedented growth. There are currently more jobs than qualified and prepared voice talents.

The voice-over community has banded together during this time to help others transition into this new era and I'm proud to be a part of that. I'm currently accepting payment plans, have introduced specials, and am producing affordable narration demos for new voice-over talents in order to prepare for this shift.

Please email me at tawny@tawnyvoice.com and I'll help however I can!

My New Niche

I've found a new niche and it's "first-person supernatural demon-slaying novels!" So imagine "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" meets "American Horror Story: Coven." I am SO jazzed.

"The Turning" will be available on Audible within the next month. I'm also going to be a part of a three-book series by an international best-selling author- stay tuned for details!

- Podcast Growth -

After my husband, George passed away, I had to make a lot of choices. One of the choices I had to make was whether to continue podcasting or walk away from our dream and everything we had built together. Giving up the only thing that we were able to make together felt wrong.

I began documenting what navigating a career in entertainment and comedy looked like after the death of a spouse and partner. This process became the podcast Death Is Hilarious, the show where my co-host, guests, and I share about how we use dark humor to navigate grief and trauma. 

Listen now anywhere podcasts are found and soon on our new website (now in progress)! You can learn more about Sam and me here.

Be A Part Of The Show!

Do you use dark humor to cope with trauma and/or grief?

We want to talk to you! 

If you'd like to be a guest on the podcast, email deathishilarious@gmail.com.

We'll be in touch!

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