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so this is super embarrassing

I can’t believe I’m about to say this in public. (transcript below)

I started streaming, playing video games recently, and it’s been super fun. A lot of you have added me on steam and you’ve sent me video games and I’m super blown away by everyone’s generosity, you’re all so sweet.

I have a mac and only a mac which means that’s what I’m gaming on. So if you’ve sent me something recently like Tiny Tina, Hellblade, or Left 4 Dead they don’t work on what I have.

So I’m working on getting a gaming computer this year, it is on my list of things to invest in, so everyone cross your fingers for lots of big contracts this year! But for now please don’t send anymore games <3 And stay tuned for updates on the building saga. I’m really excited!

Stay up to date on the streaming saga here:

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