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Slime Rancher: First Stream

I played Slime Rancher for the first time (thank you MasterEnglish for the gift!) and absolutely loved it! I'm finding the cozy cute gaming genre is one I feel very comfy in and I'm going to go full steam ahead. Special thanks to BA Gaming Rigs for making this stream possible!

In case you missed it, here's what happened (watch the stream on youtube):

  • Played in Adventure Mode and vac'd my first pink slime!

  • But then things got dark as we unsuspectingly fed an innocent chicken to one of the slimes

  • After completing the tutorial, we realized the game is very much giving cozy era vibes we're all seeking

  • Then we caught our first BIG slime and encountered our first predatory slime.... then yeeted them into the atmosphere

  • We visited our farmhouse and built our first chicken coup

  • When we entered a cave, we got knocked out by some feral slimes and then lost our chickens to some hungry slimes that got into the henhouse

  • We pushed on through the night to uncharted areas in order to escape a horde of evil tarr slimes but then fell into some water and got knocked out

  • The chicken coup was then upgraded with very large walls to keep those gotdam slimes out

  • Ended the adventure by building our first GARDEN to grow food for our slime flock!

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