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Skul the Hero Slayer: First Stream

I played Skul the Hero Slayer for the first time! The cute, bleak retro aesthetic of this game is right up my alley and I absolutely fell in love with it. It's a side scrolling game so it totally gave me warm fuzzy nostalgia vibes by reminding me of Rayman. I did think it was a little tough to get the hang of as a brand new little baby deer gamer as far as all the stats/math stuff goes and it was a smidge heavy on the dialogue but overall, this might be up there with Cult of the Lamb for me in terms of how much I like it.

Special thanks to BA Gaming Rigs for making this stream possible

In case you missed it, you can read the recap below or watch the stream on YouTube.

Add me on Steam, send a tip, and find all things streaming here.

In this first stream we:

  • found out we get to play as a baby skeleton called Little-Bone, and I just about melted from the cuteness

  • met Sue-keleton. She was in pretty bad shape, but she did give us her leg bone to use as a weapon

  • learned humans are evil, which didn't surprise us, and decided we arefully on team Skeleton and Witch.

  • saw Little Bone defeat an OGRE! We're so proud.

  • beat up some trees, but the environment fought back and awarded us our first death (boooo)

  • learned more through each death and choose the spooky path when possible.

  • talked about our love of retro and cozy games

  • made some story progress and unlocks some upgrades in this rougelite progression system

  • got stronger, unlocked more abilities and took on bigger groups of enemies.

  • defeated a flying boss - Jennifer!

  • noticed that while the levels are getting tougher, we are also getting tougher!

  • *Met a spicy spider lady... (wink wink nudge nudge)

  • ! OMFG ! unlocked the rockstar mask and IT'S ADORABLY AWESOME AND USEFUL! (This is my favourite thing in any game and I've never related to a game character more, this game *gets* me)

  • melted our enemies faces off with power metal guitar solos and luscious blonde locks of hair (swish swish)

  • reached a screen-filling tree boss called Yggdrasil and put up a good hair metal fight, but he got us in the end.

  • got to see Babbs make an appearance and she stole everyone's hearts because OF COURSE

  • the noticed that the human enemies seem to do more damage to each other than their common foe... how absolutely totally very unrealistic

  • suffered death at the hands of Triple D

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