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Recap: Cult of the Lamb streams 5+6

In case you missed it, here's what happened:

In stream 5 we first we sacrificed Tiffany because ~ obviously ~ and then we built our first prison! It's old school, like head and arms in the stocks, dark ages type of old school. We then indoctrinated new cult followers Stinkle, Catfood, Giggletine, and Wagglebutt (fun act, if you watch live on YouTube, you get to name the new followers). After that we assigned some jobs, accepted the dissenters, and arrested cult member Lil' Bob for DEFINITELY proven crimes.

In stream 6 we refused to bow before the Eldrtich Gods because we are loyal b**ches, and then we met up with some mushroom people and now are on a quest to find one of their brothers. After that we killed the Owl Boss (yay!) and Merbles aged up into grandma territory. We turned Tiffany's corpse into ground meat and served her to the other members (cannibal achievement unlocked!) before we welcomed new followers (Piggletuft and Gussy). Finally, we put all the sick members on bedrest because the Lamb is a kind and merciful leader (thanks for the tip Isoeno!)

A very special thanks to BlearyLine for taking notes during the stream! <3

I'm also working on getting a streaming schedule together and would appreciate everyone's input. I can usually get off work at about 4:00 pm pst and then stream for a couple of hours. What days and times would you be interested in joining the stream?

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