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Portal: First Stream

I played Portal for the first time (thank you for the gift BlearyLine!) and was pleasantly surprised to find that I caught on ok!

Special thanks to BA Gaming Rigs for making this stream possible

In case you missed it, you can read the recap below or watch the stream on YouTube. Add me on Steam, send a tip, and find all things streaming here.

In this first stream we:

  • started the game and then I promptly experienced some vertigo from the controls but didn't pass out so we're counting it as a win

  • completed the first test chambers

  • GOT A PORTAL GUN! Promise to only use it responsibly, totally swear...

  • suffered our first death after being crushed by a giant ball...

  • defeated the 'impossible' chamber 7.

  • mastered momentum-based puzzles

  • suffered a couple of deaths from fired projectiles

  • solved the test chambers using our available blue portal, before unlocking our orange portal!

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