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This Week

New Release

I narrated this series by Matt Larkin and it's now officially available on Audible and anywhere audiobooks are found! I'll be talking about it more on IG live this week too so keep an eye out to get a special behind the scenes look at bringing the Greek fantasy to life

New Guided Meditation

A new guided meditation for realists premieres this week on YouTube so make sure you're subscribed and ring that bell to get notified when the newest video is released

I'll also be streaming Cult of the Lamb this week! Many of you have asked for a streaming schedule and unfortunately, at this time my schedule is still pretty erratic as a freelance voice actor so my schedule is currently "when I'm not working." That's pretty random at this time so for now just make sure you're subscribed on YouTube so you can get alerts when I stream. I'll also post on Instagram when I'm about to play too!


This week at Happy Hour we'll be playing Quiplash! You'll need your phone, table/computer/other device, and quick wit for this Jackbox game on Zoom this Thursday February 9 at 3:00 pm pst/6:00 pm est. Get the link here or on Instagram when you subscribe!

Favorite Things

A new favorite things video (with a twist) is now available for members here at TawnyVoice and on Instagram for subscribers

This Month

New Video Essay: Everything is Cringe

We're in post production! I'm really excited to share this video with you and am hoping to finish all the editing by next week at the very latest. If you're not familiar with my previous work, make sure to take a peek at my most recent video covering why we like villains.


So for the last couple of months, I have been totally booked for voice over coaching for a month out, which means if you went to schedule a session with me right now, you’d have to wait at least a month. I know that’s a long time. So. If you want a private session with me and you don’t want to wait, just send me an email. I frequently get reschedules and I’m often able to move some things around to accommodate folks with limited hours. So don’t be shy to get in touch! I’d love to help! email

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