New Student Service: Business Start-Up & Management Program

Updated: Mar 7

Get one-on-one help starting and managing your vo business!

Besides script delivery and interpretation, some of my most frequently requested sessions surround business management and talent management. There are so many talented voice actors in the world but when it comes to actually getting work… they freeze.

Starting and running a business, finding customers, and managing them is intimidating if you’ve never done it before.

Being self-employed is like owning a business without a partner or manager... it's not an impossible task but it sure is a difficult one! This program is like having that business partner/manager to be a sounding board, advice giver, and accountability holder.

In this monthly program, I offer:

- Four 60 minute classes a month (one each week) via Skype or other medium of your choosing

- Access to my Facebook accountability group

- Initial business plan creation

- Weekly progress check-in (10-30 minute weekly meeting where we review your week’s work)

- Weekly scheduling (10-20 minute weekly meeting where we plan out your following work week)

Learn More About This Program

This program can be customized! Email me Tawny@TawnyVoice.Com for details and other questions.


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