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My latest audiobook, I'm speaking at Podcast week, game nights, meet-ups, join the team, and more!

The latest audiobook I provided the narration for is on Audible now! Enjoy Finding the Rogue (The Sky Pirate Trilogy Book 1) here:

US: https://bit.ly/Finding_the_Rogue_US

UK: https://bit.ly/Finding_the_Rogue_UK\

Join me as I'll be speaking live at Storytelling Podcast Week July 21st- 25th! I'll be part of a powerful panel on The Stories We Wish We Didn't Have to Tell. Head over to podcastweek.live/storytelling to register and use the code "DIH" for a FREE PASS.

Student Scheduling

As many of you know, I only take on up to ten students at a time for my coaching roster in order to be able to give the required time and attention to each talent that they deserve. At this time, I have reached capacity! I won't have availability until August 1 at the very earliest. If you're interested in training/demos, you can get in touch to reserve your spot by emailing Tawny@tawnyvoice.com - You can also be put on the waiting list should any availability open up.

I'm hiring! I'm currently looking for a podcast editor for my show Death Is Hilarious. If you're a listener who has some great editing chops, you'd be a great fit to join the team. Email tawny@tawnyvoice.com for more info.

I'm excited to share that I'll be hosting game nights Sunday-Thursday July 11 on Pococha! As a sponsored streamer, it helps me a ton when you watch and interact during the show as well as share on social media. Download the app and be sure to follow me here.

Come party in San Diego with us! RSVP Here

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