Monday Motivator: My Favorite Template To Get Voice-Over Jobs

One of the things new talents struggle with the most, in my experience, is reaching out to prospective clients. I think that's because there's no denying that you're a salesperson in this situation. You're asking someone to hire you. And most of us aren't really fans of salespeople.... especially door-to-door salespeople.

I would know. I not only worked in retail for ten years, but I also owned my own brick and mortar store.

The lessons I learned during this time are what I believe made me successful in voice-over: I treated VO as a business from the moment I decided to pursue voice acting. Before I auditioned for my first role, I had an LLC. and the business plan had been made months before that. I had studied, trained, and prepared for about six months before launching. To be fully transparent, besides having years of business experience, I also had decades of acting experience in theater and the small screen. I definitely had a huge advantage when I started my company. I am extremely fortunate in that regard. But I did have to learn how to work on the technical side of things and mic technique. Those are the parts of what I do where I have the least amount of experience. I still get tons of help and coaching with both of the aforementioned!

But when it comes to getting people to like you and getting people to keep coming back, I got that in the bag from my days in retail. In certain sectors, you keep a client list and call your shopper when you find things they like in the store for them. This was a tactic I used in my business. I became friends with the people who shopped at my store and it was fun to find things that would make them happy. And that's why it worked... I was genuine. I didn't really ever have to "sell" because I made sure what I was offering was really that good. The product and my customer service spoke for itself.

Are your emails like introducing yourself to a guest in your store or are you banging on someone's door, selling them super sharp knives nobody will ever purchase? (Did you have these MLM predators recruiting kids at your high school in the '00s, or was this just a San Diego thing? Login in the Member section and let me know!)

You want to make a connection with your client in the same way you would make a connection with a friend. You want to "click," as they say. I'm not exactly the most marketable to kid-friendly programming and that was a choice I made early on in my career. But I do get a fair amount of work in e-learning because of the particular companies I target. I go for millennial owned (relateable) or baby boomer owned (I'm hip and know what's happenin'). I target companies that have a warm, fun, and casual vibe to their website.

When I'm looking for companies to work with, I'm looking for what is likely going to be a good fit. I don't do a ton of mass marketing (just once or twice a year at this point in my career). I do very targeted research and build relationships.

And I have a method that allows me to do it quickly. Here's a sneak peek from one of my curriculums where I provide one of my favorite templates that gets me on a client's radar for future work, if not immediate work (remember - this is an example, each email should always be tailored to fit the specific client you're reaching out to).

Good morning,

My name is Tawny Platis. I'm a professional voice over talent nearby in sunny San Diego, California. I too have a passion for gettin’ down with the funk and a great cup of coffee! I loved your bio, it was so fun.

I am contacting you because I’d love to work with your team to help you bring the sound you need for your vision. We obviously have a ton in common (seriously, I start my mornings with primo arabica beans and George Clinton, I think we’d get along swimmingly).

Are you accepting voice demos at this time? You can find mine on my website below or I’d be happy to send an mp3 on over.

I’ll give you a call on (insert date/time) just to make sure this made it to your inbox and not your spam folder.

I look forward to chatting with you!


Tawny Platis


Phone Number

That's what works for me. Being myself and simply being a human. That's not a spam email. I really think this guy and I would have fun working together and I could bring something to the table. Then my goal is to be his very favorite voice artist to work with so he's using me consistently in his projects! How I achieve that is something I also teach in my marketing classes.

Some people cold call. I simply get farther with warmed targeted emailing. There are a million different ways to get work in this industry. This is one of them! What marketing method do you utilize that has the most success? Let me know in the comments!


Tawny Platis

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