Monday Motivator: Do To-Do Lists Really Work? Template Inside!

There are a million articles about the power of to-do lists and there are just as many apps and cute journals... promising that you'll finally be productive if only you buy them.

The simple fact of the matter is that to-do lists work just like everything else- and their efficacy is based purely on your work style and personality.

I've tried the cute journals. I have the big whiteboard calendar next to my desk. I think I've downloaded just about every list manager app from the Apple store these past three years.

It turns out, the answer was really a combination of all of them. I use cute journals when I need the creative freedom that a keyboard doesn't provide. The big calendar helps me from overbooking myself. I actually don't use a list manager app anymore because a simple Google doc has been working wonders lately.

And I think that's because I'm a freelancer, so my days are subject to change at the "bing" of an email.

My day often consists of prioritizing and reprioritizing. I got my start in voice acting and I've expanded my services, as many entertainers do. Some clients utilize me for copywriting, project management, talent/business management, casting, directing, marketing, and industry consultation. I also have a podcast feed where I produce multiple shows.

It can be tough to keep it all running smoothly!

I first simply create a list of everything that needs to get done in a Google doc. I then divide those items up into what needs to get done today and then I create other categories based around the remaining items.

My list looked like this yesterday (the red parts have confidential info):

The items that have yellow highlighter are priority items and need to get done that day. After I complete an item, I cross it out and copy and paste it to the completed section labeled, "Got That Shit DONE." Doing this will allow you to see exactly how productive you've been and also keep your spirits up because your personalized section label is so funny.

When a new item makes its way on to my list, I simply highlight it in yellow if it's a priority.

How do you self-manage? Do you use lists? What keeps you consistent?

Let me know in the comments!


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