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Live comedy show, student updates, and a new episode ft. JC Coccoli

Student Updates

This month, Dionne Roberts and Liz Moya will be debuting their new corporate narration demos and Sean Mattie will be starting to workshop his commercial and corporate narration demos!

As many of you know, I only take on up to ten students at a time for my coaching roster in order to be able to give the required time and attention to each talent that they deserve. At this time, I have 8 students who are training with me/preparing for demos and have two spots left in my schedule as of this writing. Once these spots are filled, I won't have availability until July 1 at the very earliest. If you're interested in training/demos, be sure to get in touch ASAP! Tawny@tawnyvoice.com

Live Comedy Shows

I'm excited to share that I'm performing in three shows a night on Pococha this month! It's an interactive show including my newest set and a few rounds of the popular game The Death Deck. Download the app and be sure to follow me here.

New Episode ft. JC Coccoli

In this episode, I sat down with comedian JC Coccoli, who you may recognize from shows like “A Comedian in Grief,” “Why” with Hannibal Buress, “Key and Peele,” “Chelsea Lately,” and “Last Comic Standing” to talk about

- losing her sister to an accidental fentanyl overdose at 34 years old while she was on tour and how difficult it was to write jokes

- how this was her first real brush with mortality and delving into meditation and sci-fi

- suffering from poor health during grief and how much luck has to do with survival

- what led her to create the special “A Comedian in Grief"

- why the stigma around comedians being unwell isn’t necessarily true and how comedians are philosophers in their own right

- how comedy helps us process the pain and the anger that comes along with grief

- taking opposite action

- the abandonment and secondary losses we experience from those who can’t handle our grief

- loving addicts without judgement

- driving around with Dan Levy (creator of Schitt’s Creek), listening to Sia and how he was there for her

- finding comfort in spirituality, living in the moment, and why we don’t talk about loss and grief.

JC will be performing at Kingfly in Pittsburgh PA at 8:00 pm June 11

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