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Left 4 Dead 2: First Stream

I played Left 4 Dead 2 for the first time and absolute chaos ensued. Special thanks to BA Gaming Rigs for making this stream possible!

In case you missed it, here's what happened (watch the stream on youtube):

  • I joined a co-op game in the middle of what I can only describe as fiery chaos and peaced out within minutes, instead doing a solo campaign

  • I imitated the dude I was playing and am now stuck with a heavy southern accent

  • The first level was a smoky hotel labyrinth and I started having flashbacks of being a teenager and annoying the other people in the room

  • I found a disturbing amount of satisfaction in shooting all the zombies and have never felt more American

  • Actually completed the first level! I think it was on toddler mode

  • Learned that a chainsaw is great for defeating boomers.... ZOMBIE boomers.... of course....

  • RIP coach

  • ALMOST got to the end of level 2 but was taken down moments before reaching the safe room

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