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Lawn Mowing Simulator: First Stream

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I played Lawn Mowing Simulator for the first time and it was my most popular stream to date! It was not easy to get the hang of but the graphics were really pretty.

Special thanks to BA Gaming Rigs for making this stream possible

In case you missed it, you can read the recap below or watch the stream on YouTube.

Add me on Steam, send a tip, and find all things streaming here.

In this first stream we:

  • created our company - Jordan's grass

  • appreciated that the game is intensely detailed and someone's dad is likely judging our every move.

  • hopped onto our first mower and learned the controls

  • were reminded of shaving a bikini line

  • completed the tutorial job!

  • accepted a job in a lovely county house and noticed that the game is beautiful

  • learned how set blade height!

  • learned I am the MOST POPULAR LAWN MOWING SIMULATOR STREAMER in the world!

  • noticed that the game is both stressful and therapeutic

  • broke out the Strimmer!

  • contemplated how many New Balance owners we've upset with improper mowing technique...

  • may have crashed a handful of times but really who can say...

  • appreciated that Jared was watching the stream because he taught us how to use ProView, which was a big help!

  • completed our first proper job at 61 minutes - it may or may not be considered a crime against horticulture.... but we made £217

  • exercised our Corporate training voice narrating the menu tips

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