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I'm adopting!

I just teamed up with Operation Olive Branch and have adopted a family from 🍉 and I will be donating 100% of my cameo sales to help Basim and his family, 21 of which are children, evacuate. 

If you want me to talk about your favorite movies and shows or read something in a silly voice i am down. I will make a video about what you had for breakfast if you want, there are no limitations to how silly you want me to get, I am committed to this family. These are people who need help and we have the power to do it.

I’ll also post a thank you video and updates here until we reach our goal.

If you don’t want a video you can still donate. And if you can’t donate, please just help spread the word. Time is of the essence here and absolutely every dollar, share, like, and comment helps.

If i have ever made your day better with a goofy video, please consider helping me make their lives better with even more goofy videos.

109 Swedish Krona = $10.07

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