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Happy New Year!

2022 was such an exciting year and I'm so grateful that I was able to share it with all of you. Whether it was creating comedy videos, performing stand-up, lending my voice to new projects, signing with voice over agency AB2, streaming, or just hanging out with you in Discord and at Happy Hour, it was all truly a dream come true.

2023 is looking to be just as busy and I wanted to share some highlights with you:

  • I'm just wrapping up the editing on my first long form YouTube video about animated villains which is set to premiere in January. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube so you'll be alerted when the video is live.

  • I also stream on my channel and have been playing Cult of the Lamb - but I'm very excited to start The Binding of Issac (special thanks to member BlearyLine for the Christmas gift, you're too kind)! Subscribe to enjoy all my latest creepy-cute adventures in gaming.

  • Private voice over coaching sessions are filling up fast and I'm almost totally booked for the month of January so be sure to schedule soon if you're hoping to get some time in with me before February.

  • My first virtual comedy show of the year is happening January 21 and I would absolutely love to see you there!

  • If you'd enjoy exclusive bonus content like my weekly "Favorite Things" video, weekly virtual happy hour, content requests, daily chats with me in Discord, and more, consider becoming a member.

Thank you so much for sharing a laugh with me this past year. I had a blast and can't wait for all the new adventures in 2023!


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