• Tawny Platis

Free Resources For New Voice Actors

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

How to Get Started in Voice Over

Does this guide have all the answers?

Absolutely not.

Is this based on generalizations?


Everyone is different and your mileage may vary. This is a simple, very basic guide to starting a career as a voice actor. Every section can be elaborated on in great depth. This is merely meant to serve as a jumping off point for the voice talents of tomorrow.

The Financial Side of Starting a Voice Over Career

Voice-over is an extremely low-cost business to begin and is one I wish I had started sooner.

Who To Listen To & Train With

When you're new, it can be tough to find the information amongst all the noise. You may be wondering, "Who do I listen to? Who's legit? How do I know this person isn't just trying to take my money?" Or maybe you've been working in voice-over for a couple of years now and you're asking yourself, "Who can help me develop my niche and specialty genres at the intermediate and advanced levels?"

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