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There is so much voice-over work in the world today. The industry has done nothing less than explode since the demand for content has reached unprecedented numbers.

So why do so many new voice actors struggle to break into the industry?

Between education, entertainment, and promotion (to broadly speak on what seems like hundreds of sub-genres), it seems like there’s more than enough work to go around for everyone.

The vast majority of the time I consult with a new voice-over talent, the problem is consistently the same… they’re not thinking like a business owner. They’re not consistent. They’re not focused. They’re not confident in their abilities.

This is normal.

Most business owners have some kind of partner. When I owned a retail store, I not only had partners, I had managers and other specialists I hired to help me with the aspects I didn’t have experience in. Not only were their strengths my weaknesses, but they also were there to give me their perspective. They were there to listen to my ideas and help me grow my business. They also kept me accountable.

Even though I was “the boss,” I still felt responsible to set the best example I could by doing my best to stay on task and productive. When you work from home alone, that’s a much tougher task to accomplish!

That’s why I encourage all talents to work with a coach and I encourage many talents to utilize a manager.

If you’re already working with a coach and aren’t quite ready for a manager but still want help with accountability, I’ve made a group for that.

All current and former students (business, podcasting, and voice-over) are welcome to join me in my Facebook Group here.

This group will be an accountability and motivational group to help you meet your goals. This is also a study group and training group where you'll find workout sessions led by me, Tawny, informational posts, resources, news, practice scripts, and more!

I’ll be working in daily helpful posts, links to other resources (other coaches, audio specialists, etc), and free training sessions like:

Monday Motivators

Tuesday Tips

Workout Wednesdays (Training Session)

Throwback Thursday

FAQ Friday

Sleep-In Saturday

Sunday School (Training Session)

If we’ve worked together before, you’re welcome to join. You can also join by becoming a member on this website here.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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