Create Your Own New Normal

Just a reminder that the fight for racial justice and equality is not over. My creative partner Sam and I made a list of how and where you can support the Black Lives Matter movement with the kind help of Masha from the podcast Bold Adulting.

I’m sure you’re just as tired of hearing the phrase as I am.

It sucks because none of us wanted this (and many of us felt powerless as we watched those around us contribute to the current state of affairs).

Nobody wanted to be looking at back-to-school masks for their kids. Nobody wanted to live largely in isolation for months on end. Nobody wanted to live in a constant state of uncertainty and anxiety.

I think that’s why I have an issue with “the new normal.”

This shouldn’t be considered normal.

But it’s not like things were really normal before the pandemic either. Covid-19 has simply brought existing societal problems like racial injustice, lack of universal healthcare, the cost of living, and more out into the bright and shiny light.

And I’m excited to see how many people are joining together to demand better.

For all of the divisiveness we see on social media, there is also a powerful sense of support and empathy.

I’m extremely privileged, fortunate, and grateful to be working right now. I’m a voice actor with a quality in-home recording space and work with a professional audio engineer who helps me with all that scary techy stuff.

During the pandemic, I’ve noticed my clients and I have been even more kind and understanding of one another. Deadlines have been extended when childcare falls through or health problems arise. Payment plans have been arranged. Referrals are made and reviews are given regularly.

We are living during a time where we can shape the field as we move forward, particularly as self-employed people and as people working in entertainment. There is a human connection we’re experiencing right now that we absolutely must hold onto in order to create a better life for ourselves.

So today, I want you to think about what you want your “new normal” to look like. And I want you to decide what you’re going to do to create that new normal. Maybe it’s as simple as not taking low-paying voice over jobs. Maybe it’s about deciding to speak up when you see something wrong. What are you going to do to change the status quo? Let me know in the comments below.



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