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Available Now, Coming This March, And My First Live Performance!

What's New:

I'm delighted to bring Guided Meditation to the feed this week! If you're not familiar with the show... In this satirical take on guided meditation, I relaaaaaaxxxxx and navigate the stages of grief with humor and cursing.

I also sat down with Tara from Bloody Murder Podcast to answer your questions about dating after death, and the show's reception. Then, I chatted with Lanie about the death of her brother and share important information about the opioid epidemic that's ravaging the country. It's an incredibly important message, you can also read and share it from the episode page here.

Weird And Widowed: The Necessity of Irreverence and Dark Humor

I'm creating a special episode about the history and necessity of dark humor that will be featured on the Death Is Hilarious Podcast feed. Enjoy this sneak peek from the script!

"Dark humor is often considered offensive and controversial, despite evidence that such comedy serves a valuable societal purpose. Today, many say the style seems to be fading away as it’s replaced by either wholesome, socially aware, or quirky comedy. Have the times simply become too dark for dark comedy? That hardly seems to be the case when we consider the history of civilization in its entirety in addition to the various ways in which we could measure human suffering. So if that’s not the answer, what is? Is dark humor rapidly becoming an unacceptable way to cope, explore, and share? To understand the evolution of the comedy genre, I decided to go back to the beginning of humanity itself and learn about the history of dark comedy."


It's my first episode sponsored by Audible! You can sign up with my affiliate link: Audible.com/wittywidow or text "wittywidow" to 500-500  to try Audible and get your first book for free.

Coming This March:

New episodes with- voice actor and podcaster, Blake Bennett of The Limey & The Yank, creator of Southern Fried True Crime, Erica Kelley, and producer of the Sexy Pillows Podcast, Ginger Martinzen. Subscribe and never miss an episode!

Want to share your story about healing through grief, loss, and/or trauma? Send me an email at tawny@tawnyvoice.com

Authenticity Fest:

I'm excited to share that I'll be performing at Authenticity Fest with my creative partner, Sam in a routine called Trauma Queens on March 7, 2020, at the LGBT Center on Centre St. Get more info and your tickets here!

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