5 WFH Tips From A Socially Distanced Voice Actor

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the following article. We're just talking about an unavoidably rough topic so I thought we could all go in with some eye-bleach.

Many of my friends and colleagues are now working from home due to the social distancing required to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Not only are they now working from home, they're also largely homebound. This has caused boredom, loneliness, and anxiety for many of them.

For me, this all feels like business as usual. This is something I've been living with for nearly a year already.

In short, my husband (and business partner) was diagnosed with a severe respiratory disease called mycobacterium avium complex (similar to tuberculosis) in April of 2019. He passed away due to related complications that November after being largely homebound for six months. I only left his side to get groceries and walk my dog. We ran TawnyVoice together and I was grateful to be able to work from home so I could take care of him.

Since he's passed away, I've been working longer hours. That means I still am not leaving the house much except to get groceries and walk my dog.


So many widows have been training for this moment.

Because I'm experienced in this arena, I'm going to give you 5 tips on how to survive the loneliness, boredom, and anxiety that come from social distancing and working from home!

But first... more eye-bleach. And also a fun fact: this isn't a baby platypus, it's actually a plushy.

Here are what actual baby platypus' (platypi? Grammarly isn't putting a red line under either version of my guesses at the plural form of platypus....) look like:

WFH Tips From A Socially Distanced Voice Actor

1. Keep The Church and State Separate: Keep a designated area of your home for work. Having that physical separation between where you live and where you work is crucial to a healthy work/life balance. Don't bring business into the living room and no TikTok in the office.

2. The To-Do List: You need one. It doesn't matter what it looks like, it just needs to work for you. Before you end your workday, write out your schedule for the following day. This is crucial if you don't have a manager or partner.

3. Schedule Time With People: This is an important one! Schedule phone calls/video meetings with others who are working from home. Keep each other accountable, share your goals (for the day and long term), and also... talk about something other than work.

4. Take Breaks: If you can, go outside and take a 10-15 minute walk every 45 minutes to a couple of hours. If you can't get outside, leave your office area for 10-15 minutes and do something unrelated to work. Drink some water, call a friend, drink some water, take a snack break, drink some water, play with your pet, drink some water...

5. Stay Hydrated: Have I mentioned that you should be drinking water?

I really can't stress how important it is to reach out to people when you're working from home AND social distancing! Now is not the time to be shy, friends.

Can you think of any other tips? What did I leave out? Let me know in the comments!

Questions about the information on this page, voice-over, or podcasting? I'm happy to help! Email me at Tawny@tawnyvoice.com.

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