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Q: What does membership mean?
A:  This is an alternative to Patreon. By becoming a member on Tawny's website instead of on a third party app, more of your donation goes to the creator as opposed to processing fees. 

Q: What's the difference between a membership on TawnyVoice and a paid subscription on Instagram?
A: Subscribers on Instagram receive all of the same benefits as members on TawnyVoice (processing fees are lower here on the TawnyVoice website). Some folks are more comfortable using the Instagram platform. Both TawnyVoice members and Instagram subscribers receive the same benefits.

Q: What benefits do I get with my membership/Instagram subscription?
A: There are a lot of great benefits that include:

  • Weekly behind the scenes and bonus content video exclusive for members

  • Behind the scenes sneak peeks

  • Early access to long form content

  • A personal thank you message on Tawny's long form YouTube videos

Q: How do I get my rewards?

A: All rewards are in the members only section of the tawnyvoice blog here hre

Q: I have another question, how do I get in touch?
A: We would love to chat with you! Email and Tawny or a member of the team will be with you shortly. We do our best to answer all messages within 24 hours. 

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All Access Membership

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    Monthly Membership

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    exclusive daily videos + thank you messages on YouTube

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