The Platis Guide To Starting A Career In Voice-Over

Since beginning my consulting career, I have taken notes every day with my students during our training sessions. I also take notes during my own studies (a voice actor should always be taking voice over classes, going to workshops, and studying).


So these notes I’ve been taking.

They were totally unorganized.


They were scribbled in spiral notebooks, on sticky notes, in 3 ring binders, in the notes section of Asana, in google docs, in messenger, in the notes app on my phone, in my husband’s phone…


It was a giant mess.  


So I spent months organizing them.

This turned into the following first edition of “The Platis Guide To Starting A Career In Voice-Over.”


Does this have all the answers? 

Absolutely not. 


Is this based off of generalizations? 



Everyone is different and your mileage may vary!


This is a simple, very basic guide to starting a career in voice-over. Every section can be elaborated on in great depth. This is merely meant to serve as a jumping-off point for the voice talents of tomorrow.


I’m sure the second edition will be forthcoming, as the industry is continuously changing.