In Loving Memory


George Platis

George was born on February 10, 1990, in San Diego, California, the son of Maria and Michael Platis. He attended Hearst Elementary, Lewis Middle School, and Patrick Henry High School. He was a talented lacrosse player, an honor student, and a witty writer.


He also served his church community in his youth as an altar boy and Sunday school teacher. George loved to Greek folk dance and was a dance team member for many years.

George is survived by his soulmate and wife, Tawny; his beloved parents Michael and Maria of San Diego, CA; his YiaYia Platis, and several beloved aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. 

In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to “Rady Children’s Hospital Heart Institute” George was a lifelong patient and was eternally grateful for the care he received there.


Donate on line at Click on Donate and then Heart Institute.

Or via mail to:

Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation

3020 Children’s Way, MC5005,

San Diego, CA 92123

Attn: Tribute Gifts


The Witty Widow

After George passed away, I went back to our apartment. And, this may sound odd, but I stood there and started talking out loud to George in the living room. I told him all about how much I missed him. I felt so lost because he really was my other half. I didn't know what to do next. I asked him what I should do moving forward in my life. It instantly popped into my head:


“The Witty Widow: Death Is Hilarious"

It was so clear and immediate. I'm self-employed so I had to start working again very soon. Continuing the Dirty Bits would be too painful. Even voice acting was too painful. I have retired and I'm currently teaching and managing voice over talent as my day job.

George and I wanted to travel together while telling stories. He always talked about wanting to go on road trips and I was just as enthused.  I'm going to try to do everything we planned for and make sure his memory remains eternal. As odd as this may sound, I'm just not ready to stop being with him all day, every day.


And George is still with me.


Not physically, but he lives on in my heart. He was the love of my life, my soulmate, and my twin flame. We had a cinematic romance, not unlike Wesley and Princess Buttercup from The Princess Bride. We had the most epic love story every moment of the six and a half years we had together. It's a story I think needs to be shared. I want people to know that that kind of love exists... and what to do when your husband really is murdered by The Dread Pirate Roberts and isn't coming back in a Zoro costume. 

I hope I can help others experiencing heartache and loss like this through humor as I take the Dirty Bits Podcast in a new direction.

In my new podcast, Death Is Hilarious, I’ll be speaking with other podcasters and artists on how they found relief from grief with humor and comedy. We’ll laugh, cry, and heal alongside your favorite hosts and entertainers from around the world.

This will also include episodes featuring my stand-up material, and bonus episodes where I'll use film and tv series to learn lessons about getting through loss and grief.

I'm calling it "stand-up grieving."


It's all in development so be sure to check back for updates and join me in helping to keep George’s memory eternal by sharing his story with the world.


The Dirty Bits

The Dirty Bits podcast is a show that covers the fierce, sexy, funny, scandalous, freaky, and salacious stories from history your teacher probably left out.

Casually told by a sarcastic voice-over actor, as a caricature of herself and Southern California.

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