Client Reviews


Tawny is amazing and completely professional. She's become my go-to narrator now because of the quality of her work: bringing my characters to life, making me feel what they feel, seeing the story as I wrote it play out before my eyes. She made me cry in my own book. I couldn't ask for more! I have her set up for a three-book series and several more upcoming. Tawny's stuck with me now! I adore her work and attention to detail. She goes out of her way to make everything perfect, which works splendidly with my OCD nature. ;-) If you're looking for a professional narrator who will also help promote your work, Tawny is your gal. Fantabulous!

Angela Sanders 
International Bestselling Author


Can I just say ... wow! I have zero idea about the work it takes to create an audiobook behind the scenes, but you have taken it ABOVE AND BEYOND. Your attention to detail, working to find the BEST accents and putting together samples for each character far exceeds what I had in mind for audiobook creation and makes me feel like my work matters and is being well taken care of! I know Finding the Rogue is in great hands. Thanks for making me feel like my project with you is valuable and important. And for working so hard ... it’s truly unmatched and it just makes this so enjoyable!!!! Thank you so, so much!

Anna Applegate

USA Today Bestselling Author


"I was and I am now one of Tawny's clients. In addition to thinking she has a great voice for the eLearning program we are creating, Tawny is a dedicated professional who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that her work meets my specifications. She's quick, precise, and is able to identify those words and phrases that need special emphasis.
My partner and I are extremely pleased with the work Tawny has done for us. We will continue to use her going forward. I've produced commercial videos and worked with SAG/AFTRA talent.
Tawny is on a par with most and far better than many I've hired in the past."

Alan Landers

Landers and Marks OD Consulting


"Tawny Platis is a talented voice actor with a unique voice and style that sets her apart from other women in the field. She can perform many age groups and styles. I highly recommend her for any voice job in any genre,' Podcasting, corporate reads, E-Learning, and commercials!"

Dan Lenard

Home Studio Master

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 9.38.45 PM.png

I’ve been looking for the right opportunity to work with Tawny. Her talent with voice acting and impersonations were just what we were looking for. She stretched outside of her comfort zone and helped us create a cartoon pop star and a song. She’s professional, open to feedback, and fun to work with!

Doug Meyers 


Tawny is not only one of the best voiceover coaches in the business, her personal touch and client service is quite literally second to none. There's a delicate balance in coaching between pushing, coaxing, and driving the student and Tawny's people and teaching skills and knowledge of the craft allow her to find that balance. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Paul Schmidt

Voice Actor

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Tawny is a fantastic coach and mentor. We recently partnered for my animation demo and I was blown away with the personalization, production speed, and professional, high quality. I could not be more thrilled with the result. Leveraging the demo, I booked a role within a week with a popular kid's game company. I would go back to her for future demos and wholeheartedly recommend her for both coaching and demos.

Laura Quiambao

Voice Actor


You couldn't ask for a better voice coach to work with. Tawny is approachable, straight-forward, knowledgeable in both the performance and business of VO, and genuinely concerned for the success of her students. Recording my first professional demo with her was faster and easier than I'd expected, helped throughout by Tawny's sincere encouragement. Anyone looking for VO coaching or demo production should start and end their search here.

Moxie LaBouche

Voice Actor

Angela Colville Voiceover Headshot.jpg

Tawny is THE coach, mentor, and resource to learn more about the business of being a voice actor and how to start your voiceover career. She is extremely knowledgeable about the voiceover industry; how to build a foundation to start and grow your business, learn, and advance your skills and develop a marketing strategy for success. She individualizes each student’s coaching and mentoring plan and her availability and responsiveness are unparalleled. She is warm, generous, fun, and honest! She will help you to get to where you want to be and also guide you as you move forward in your voiceover career. She is always in tune with what is currently happening in the voiceover industry and the specialists you also need to be following and working with. She also accepts demo ready voiceover artists in all genres to develop and produce original demos. Without a doubt, she has made all the difference in my voiceover career and will do the same for you!

Angela Colville

Voice Actor


Tawny is an amazing coach and mentor that really knows how to give you the right information for what you need to grow your business, voice talent and marketing strategy. Her ability to figure out her client's niche is otherworldly. Also a very fun person.

Mike Brown
Voice Actor


Tawny is a very professional, patient and confidence inspiring teacher. Each lesson I had I learned a great deal and still use the advice now. Tawny’s level of experience is vast and the range that she can cover vocally is incredible and continually makes me want to improve my own.

Kevin May

Voice Actor


"Tawny Platis is a wonderful talent who wears many hats! She is incredibly detailed, professional and a real joy to work with. If you hire her for a voiceover or anything else, you will be doing your business a huge favor!"

Kevin Rineer

 Voice Actor


"Tawny was a pleasure to work with. Her copywriting and directing skills made the entire process easy, fun and still a great learning experience. Looking forward to working together again in the future."

Andrew Reyes

Voice Over Actor


"Tawny Platis is the epitome of professionalism in the worlds of podcasting and voice acting. In the time that I have known her, I have come to greatly admire her willingness to assume the mantle of leadership and set an inspiring example for her peers. In the world of podcasting and professional voice acting, she is among those that I admire most."

Mike Brown

Pleasing Terrors Podcast


"Tawny is not only an extremely talented voice actor but an amazing coach as well. She has taken the time on a number of occasions to teach me voice-over techniques and marketing my business because she takes an active interest in anybody or business she works with. She develops and sustains relationships because she understands that that is the foundation for being a successful business owner. Tawny is an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her as the voice for your project or a mentor if you're an aspiring voice actor!"

Doug Cooke 

Graphic Artist, Video Editor, VO Actor


"Tawny is a true professional and teacher. She was patient and knowledgeable about her craft. Looking forward to "paying forward" the training I received from Tawny."

Al Moulliet

Voice Actor


"Being a student of Tawny's was a truly unique and enlightening experience. Her hands-on approach and the true mentorship that she provided (and still continues to provide) led me down a path toward success in the voice over world. I have had amazing opportunities to work on some very exciting projects and every day seems to greet me with more good news. Her talent, personality, and drive are truly inspiring. If you have a chance to be a student of hers or need an amazing voice for your next project, do NOT pass it up!"

Brie Buyaky

Voice Actor


"When it comes to getting coaching of any kind, finding one who is not only knowledgeable but is also straightforward and honest is key. My coaching experience with Tawny has been nothing short of eye-opening.
She has helped in guiding me in script preparation, performance, inflection, and marketing. I am set to record my commercial demo in the near future and wouldn't be nearly as ready without the guidance and support of Tawny. If you are looking for a voice over coach and mentor, I very highly recommend Tawny!!! Also, she is just an awesome person."

James Cummings

Voice Actor


"Tawny is an up and coming star in the Voice Over world. She seems to have endless energy to go with her amazing vocal and acting talent."

Jeff Bugonian

Voice Actor


Tawny is so full of life! I LOVE VO classes with her!

Chris Dattoli

Voice Actor


I worked with Tawny when she was part of a different team of coaches. She was thorough and well prepared to pass on her vast knowledge of VO marketing. She is kind and easy to talk to. She answered follow up questions even days after our session.

Robert Beryl

Voice Actor


Tawny is an inspiration for our community. She dedicates her time and ideas to helping people get started well on the VO journey, and her guidance is spot on! She's also easy to talk to and learn from - having someone in your corner that genuinely cares about you is game changing.

Ryan Paige
Voice Actor


Tawny is a wonderful teacher who works hard to help us become the best voiceover artists that we can possibly be!

Luc-Rikardo Fils
Voice Actor

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 6.22.30 PM.png

When I have the opportunity to connect with Tawny, my experience is always absolutely amazing. She has one of the only VO classes I am excited to join because I know my voice will be heard during a live read and I will get valuable feedback. It’s such an inclusive environment filled with support. Thanks Tawny~ you’re the best!

Crystal Waters
Voice Actor


Tawny’s classes have been just what I needed as a person starting out in VO. It’s difficult to decide where to invest time and resources, but the community that she is building is welcoming to beginners and encouraging to each other. She goes out of her way to make people comfortable and is generous with her time and expertise. Highly recommended, especially for those who are in the early stages.

Nate Barham

Voice Actor


Having Tawny work with you is well worth it. She has knowledge of many, many things from business to voice acting and everything in between. She is the best and had absolutely helped my Voice Acting career.

Jason Leech

Voice Actor