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What I offer is a solid foundation for new voice-actors to build their businesses through customized one-on-one online video training sessions. I specialize in developing required skills like script interpretation, delivery, visualization, emotional recall, branding, marketing, advertising, networking, and business planning/management.

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I have a unique background as not only an actor but a business owner as well.

In brief, I was a child actor until I purchased a retail store at the age of 18 using my college fund as a downpayment for a business loan. I grew that business over the course of seven years and then sold it at a profit. During those seven years, I studied and participated in very small and independent voice-over gigs. By 2017, I was ready to go full-time. You can learn more about my background here. All records are also available upon request!



I offer professional demo production for qualifying students (contact me for a complimentary consultation) with the assistance of Emmett Andrews. Below, you'll find a sample of my most recent work with some of the talents on my roster.

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Laura Quiambo

Tawny is a fantastic coach and mentor. We recently partnered for my animation demo and I was blown away with the personalization, production speed, and professional, high quality. I could not be more thrilled with the result. Leveraging the demo, I booked a role within a week with a popular kid's game company. I would go back to her for future demos and wholeheartedly recommend her for both coaching and demos.

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