How It Works

1. Free Ten-Minute Consultation:

Can I help you reach your goals? If I'm not the right coach for you, I'll refer you to a number of coaches and audio professionals - many of which can be found on my resources page!

2. Schedule Your First Session(s):

Go at your own pace! Some of my students train with my bi-weekly, others will book sessions twice a month, and some like to just pop in for a refresher or a review as needed. I offer training 30 and 60 -minute sessions. 

What Is Training Like?

There are a few things I offer in every session, regardless of what we cover:


Homework Review

Session Notes

Continued Mentorship*

*Continued mentorship includes nearly around the clock availability to answer questions regarding job opportunities, special circumstances, and clarification. If your request requires deep analysis and review, an additional session will be required. 


What's In A Session

Because each session is customized specifically to the individual student's level and goals, I don't offer a standard curriculum sample. For example, you may be a fantastic voice actor but you have no idea how to run a business or self-manage. Likewise, you may have business experience but have never been involved in the performing arts.

To get an idea of what my sessions look like, you can take a look at this video of my student, Tom, and me tackling script interpretation, delivery, tone, and inflection.


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