My Background

Acting & Business

The '90s - 2009

I was a child actor in San Diego from 1993-2008, with credits that include the title role in San Diego State University’s production of “Opal,” Zuzu in the Fritz Theater’s “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and Emily in the short film, “A Fish Tale.” Learn more on my IMDB page here. 

During my senior year of high school, I began the process of purchasing my first brick and mortar retail store with a small loan while continuing to work in the performing arts in my spare time.

After one year of business, I had increased my sales by 98% (all records available upon request) and by year two, expanded from a 1,000 square

foot store with one associate to a 4,000 square foot store with over ten employees.

After five years, sales had increased by 725%, I had grown my Facebook page to over 20,000 followers, it was one of the largest stores in its category in San Diego, and consistently won “Best In” awards every year in multiple categories in San Diego’s local news contests. 

Soon, others began reaching out to learn how to begin or grow their own businesses! My consulting career had begun.

Voice Acting & Podcasting


Voice Actor

After selling the store to my management team in 2016, I began my career as a voice-over talent, having been a child actor in San Diego. I am the current voice behind Marks and Landers E-Learning and have provided voice over services for clients like WIBC, TPI Careers, Similac, Sarah Technologies, Sawyer Products, the San Joaquin River Association, USA Today Bestselling authors Anna Applegate & Angela Sanders, the Runtastic Fitness app, and more!


In May of 2017, I debuted the Dirty Bits Podcast, which I researched, wrote, performed, and produced with my husband, George, before he passed away in November 2019.

The Dirty Bits consistently maintained a rate of over 3,400 downloads over the course of 30 days after the initial release date before the show became more inconsistent due to his terminal health condition.

I now produce a podcast about dealing with grief and loss through comedy on my show, Death Is Hilarious

Consultation and Coaching

2017 to Present

I'm passionate about teaching others the art of acting, storytelling, marketing, branding, and business management. Yes, you read that right...the art of marketing and business! Believe it or not, it's an incredibly creative endeavor.

I believe in intensive one-on-one sessions where I get to know you and your vision so I can provide the tools and feedback to make that vision a reality. My students appreciate the genuine interest, empathy, and relationships I foster with them to achieve a personalized, effective plan through custom-tailored sessions.


2019 to Present

I produce comedy sketches about being a young widow on TikTok that are enjoyed by over 45k people, have been viewed over 847k times, and stream sponsored shows on the app Pococha about coping with loss, trauma, and grief with dark humor. I'm currently represented by Clicks Management.


Alan Landers

Marks & Landers


"I was and I am now one of Tawny's clients. In addition to thinking she has a great voice for the eLearning program we are creating. Tawny is a dedicated professional who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that her work meets my specifications. She's quick, precise, and is able to identify those words and phrases that need special emphasis.
My partner and I are extremely pleased with the work Tawny has done for us. We will continue to use her going forward. I've produced commercial videos and worked with SAG/AFTRA talent.
Tawny is on a par with most and far better than many I've hired in the past.

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